John E. Hancock, Co-Founder of CERHAS and Director, EarthWorks and The Dirt on Midea

Professor of Architectural History, Associate Dean of Research, University of Cincinnati. A registered architect since 1979, he regularly teaches courses in architectural history and theory, and is the author of many national and international publications and presentations on topics in ancient architectural history and interpretation, including a six-lecture series on “Greece and the Greek Temple” at the New Europe College, a Getty-funded post-doctoral humanities institute in Bucharest, Romania, in 2003. Notable awards include large grants from the Ohio Board of Regents and the National Endowment for the Humanities, three wins at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival, and one at the New York Art Directors’ Club.

Elizabeth Bartley, Executive Director

Associate Director, Center for Design Research and Innovation. With degrees in Interior Design and Medieval History and Archaeology, and background in museums and education outreach programs, teaching in various areas of design and technology, Web development, business training and consulting, Ms. Bartley is the overall supervisor of the CERHAS projects and their administration and dissemination. Her research interests focus on interdisciplinary approaches to the history and archaeology of ancient and medieval architecture and cultures, the interpretation and presentation of the past to public audiences, and the impact of multimedia and new technologies on research, analysis and interpretation.

Elizabeth H. Riorden, Director, Troy on the Internet and Psalmodi

Assistant Professor of Architecture, University of Cincinnati. A registered architect since 1989, her involvement with archaeology began in the 1970s with work at Psalmodi, a medieval French site. During the 1990s she became Site Architect for the international Troy Project. Ms. Riorden was awarded a Samuel H. Kress Foundation Rome Prize in Historic Preservation and Conservation, and spent six months as a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. She has published several articles on her work as an architect in archaeology, illustrated several books and has lectured around the world on her research.

Directors of Past Projects:

Benjamin Britton, Director, Caves of Lascaux and Moon
Associate Professor of Fine Arts, University of Cincinnati

Patrick Snadon, Director, Pope House
Associate Professor of Interior Design, University of Cincinnati