Cathryn J. Long, Writing and Research

Author of many classroom materials for grades 4-12, and of public education materials, her works range from exhibit texts for the ongoing Cincinnati Tallstacks Festival to a standard secondary civics textbook, Civics: Citizens in Action (Merrill, 1986). Most recently, she has been writing history for young adults, including Ancient America (Lucent, 2002) and The Agricultural Revolution (Lucent, 2004). She is an experienced interviewer, and manages much of the content communication between CERHAS and advisors. Her chief role at CERHAS is to frame information in accessible, appealing forms for general audiences, to convey it through multi-media scripting, and to adapt it to various levels and purposes.

Jose Manoel Kozan
, Project Manager. Director, Virtual White Water Shaker Village

Architect and digital media researcher, Mr. Kozan implements the design, development, and production technology used in the CERHAS projects. His research interestsí focus on computer graphics technologies applied to recreate nonextant architecture and disseminate humanities-related content through documentaries and web applications. Mr. Kozan teaches in the School of Architecture and Interior Design and is currently developing theoretical and practical courses on digital reconstruction of heritage sites.

Dawn Spring (Choctaw Nation), Research Associate

Ms.Spring specializes in the history of American consumerism and the history of American race relations. Her work on Native American history, including her own Choctaw ancestry, fits within the broader context of race relations and economic development. Through her MA work in Media Studies at the New School for Social Research, Ms. Spring also has film and multi-media production experience. She has been a critical team member with CERHAS on the Earthworks projects for the last two years as researcher, writer, interviewer and liaison with Native American communities.

Ferenc Traser, Research Associate

As an architect, teacher and media artist, Ferenc Traser is a practiced computer modeler with over 10 years' experience. A graduate from the TU Budapest and the Universtiy of Cincinnati, his master's thesis at DAAP involved the virtual reconstruction of a 13th Century fountain and cloister from the Cistercian Abbey of Pilis, Hungary. His research interests include reconstructions of ancient buildings and sites using historical representation techniques and their applications in virtual, multi-media environments. He has presented these theoretical approaches at various national and international conferences.