Education and CERHAS

We believe that education today must be multifaceted, flexible, and continually improving. Our programs and products are meant for people of all ages engaged in lifelong learning, be it in the classroom or outside in venues including museums, television, the web, historic sites, and elsewhere. We are part of the technological revolution that is making education more appealing, using vivid visualizations, sound and interactive technology to enable immersion in complex settings where exploration is essential. We encourage active learning through media that call for users to determine their own paths through a rich array of experiences, and we invite critical thinking by posing questions, highlighting issues, and presenting varied points of view. Our work naturally involves interdisciplinary education: we encourage learners to discover interconnections among subjects normally considered disparate, an approach that promotes the open-minded creative thinking needed to frame the future well. As part of the university community, we are deeply committed to a foundation of sound scholarship. All our work is based on careful research and consultation with authorities in the appropriate fields. We take pride in the accuracy of our computer modeling and our attention to historic detail. Our aim for our work is to make every entertaining minute of it a valid educational experience.