What did they make?
Trade Maps

Click on a map to find out who the Trojans traded with during Troy II and Troy VI-VII times.

From the artifacts found by the archaeologists at Troy we know that there are two categories of items that the Trojans were constantly making: textiles and pottery. They also may have made objects of metal.

The textiles which they made do not survive, but tools for spinning and weaving are often found. Raw textile materials such as wool (from sheep) and flax (from the flax plant) must be spun by hand to make yarn threads for weaving. The spindle whorl, usually made of baked clay, spins like a top while the spun yarn is gathered on a stick placed through its center.

Trojans used this kind of loom. Workers stand to weave yarn threads in and out of the hanging threads, which are held down by baked clay loom weights. Loom weights like these have been found all over Troy, and at all levels.

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