Troy III-V

Why do we have no full models of Troy III, IV and V? Troy III was a period of transition from the wealthy, fortified Troy II period. By the time Troy IV begins, we are in a period of relative isolation and poverty. With Troy V it seems a new population arrives, bringing new energy, but it takes several centuries for a real revival of wealth and trade.

Archaelogists working at Troy now think that between Troy II and Troy VI there may have been climate change which had an effect on the Trojan food supply. Apparently it was dryer, and possibly colder, during that period. Is that a reason why the rich Troy II culture declined?

During the Middle Bronze Age at Troy (III-V) some new dining habits emerge: archaeologists found that most houses had dome-shaped ovens for baking food. A new pottery form, the large flat-bottomed, edged pan arrives at the same time. Pizza and paella, anybody?